Alina Lark

Interior paintings to order

Unique handmade interior paintings
I would like to provide my best paintings for truly stylish interiors.
Create any painting to your specifications
I create paintings inspired by the latest design exhibitions, so they are always a beautiful addition to the interiors.
Matching colour and size to your interior
To save you time, for any of your design projects, within a few hours I will always produce up to 20 exclusive paintings at nice prices - if possible with mock-ups specifically for your interior.
Instantly create mock-ups with your interior
At any time you can send me a photo or visualization of your interior (if you have any), and I will send you the most stylish and suitable trendy pictures.
Brand history and workflow
Flowers, the sea and nature are my passion. I have been painting since 1997, I have special education and experience, and not so long ago I turned to interior painting. Do not doubt that living in the modern world, I know and use innovative materials, I paint in modern fashionable techniques. And in the end my dear clients have an exclusive and modern product. The painting will not lose its unique colour because I use modern premium materials for my paintings that do not fade in the sun and I use special protective coatings for my paintings. So even after several decades the painting will look as good as new. Each painting is made with love and is one of a kind.
Delivery and payment
We deliver paintings all over the world.
You can choose from my catalogue or commission a unique design. We discuss ideas, approve the sketch of the work and create the finished painting. Once I have approved any work and its dimensions, it will only take me a week to create it and send it to your property in a neat, beautiful package. Choose the most convenient way of payment: credit card or web money. If you order an individual picture, I reserve the right to take an advance payment at the stage of design discussion.
Alina Lark
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